What To Know About The 4 Categories Of Window Treatments

What type of window treatment is right for your home? The answer can help make every room in your house more comfortable, more practical, and more beautiful. To help you make the best choice, here's what you need to know in order to choose from the four major categories of window coverings. 


Curtains are an easy and inexpensive window treatment, making them perennially popular. They hang from a rod just inside or outside the window frame and come in an almost unlimited variety of fabrics, colors, and patterns.

This flexibility makes them great for expressing your personality or matching the exact vibe you want in a room. However, curtains don't always provide the most protection from the sun or privacy. They're limited in direction and may also block a portion of the window. 


Drapes operate similarly to curtains but they are generally heavier and thicker and have more layers for light blocking. Drapes usually hang to the floor, so they are best placed on larger windows and provide a more dramatic effect on the room's overall décor.

Drapes are often seen in public rooms, but can also be used for added flair in private rooms. Drapes, like curtains, can take up part of the window. But, as treatments with the largest visual footprint, they can solve the largest decorating challenges. 


A window shade is a hanging fabric or flexible material that rolls or collapses upward into itself to reveal the window behind. Modern shades come in many types, including Roman shades, rollers, balloon-style, and pleated.

A shade can control the light and privacy vertically and may be combined with the horizontal protection of a pair of curtains. Because they offer complete window coverage when closed, they are good for private rooms of the home. 


Finally, window blinds open upward like shades but also have adjustable slats to let in more or less light throughout the blind's surface. This gives you the most control over how much light is let in and how much privacy you want.

However, while blinds now come in several styles, they tend to be more practical than decorative. Therefore, they may not serve as a big part of your décor and won't provide the drama some other styles do. 

Which style of window treatment would be the best for your space? The purpose, style, and lighting challenges of each room will inform your choice. The best place to start making this decision is to consult with a residential interior decorator in your area today. Together, you'll craft a window that will make the best for each room and provide comfort and function for many years to come.