Getting The Easy, Breezy Look Of The Tropics In Your Own Home

If you want to capture an easy, breezy look of the tropics in your own home, there are some elements that you can easily bring to your interiors that will make you feel like you have moved to the beach. Remember that less is more, and keep accents and furnishings sparse enough to enjoy the carefree flow and roomy atmosphere of a tropical resort.

Give your home a tropical flair with the following elements:

Bahama or plantation shutters.

The quickest way to bring a tropical flair to your home is through the lighting, and shutters allow you to open and close, without the bulk of blinds or window treatments. Lovely wood  plantation shutters will allow natural light to flood the space, bringing a light, airy quality to your space. These also bring a distinctive curb appeal to the home, and eliminate the need to spend money on window treatments.

Painted floor coverings.

Give your home's floor a makeover by removing rugs or carpets and using painted floor coverings for the high traffic areas. These typically are found in canvas or organic cotton, and these will give the home a lighter, cleaner look. These are remarkably durable and stain-resistant, too.

Air circulation.

Want to feel the ocean breeze through the rooms of your home, but don't live at the ocean? Install low-hanging ceiling fans to keep the air circulated and add to the overall theme. During chilly months, reverse the direction of the blades to push warm air back down into your home, which can help with energy costs.

Color scheme.

Stick to neutral tones, such as white, ivory, and beige, with pops of blue, green, and other cool shades throughout the home. Avoid the cliché pastels often found in some resorts or condominiums, and go with neutral hues and bold accents.


This is the perfect time to take advantage of end-of-season sales and grab some great deals on indoor/outdoor furnishings. Go with wicker or rattan seating arrangements, or bring a simple wrought-iron dining set to the space. Keep furnishings simple, comfortable, and opt for organic materials whenever possible.


Try to incorporate accents that replicate the look of nature, such as a tabletop fountain, shells, stone, and mirrored glass. Tuck knick-knacks and dust-collectors away for now. Minimize the visual distractions to garner a truly tranquil atmosphere in your space.

Talk with contractors and retailers about the various ways that you can bring a tropical flavor to your home's interior. Lighten up your space for summer, and give yourself the feeling of being away, while never leaving the comfort of your own home. Try bringing these elements to your home's makeover and enjoy the feeling of living in the tropics.