Home Staging Tips To Give Your House A Desirable Look

When it comes to selling your home, you want to make the interior and the exterior as desirable as possible for potential buyers. Home staging can help create a stunning new look for your home. Here are a few things you can do to transform your space and give it a fresh appearance.

Hire A Professional Cleaning Service

Even the tidiest of houses can benefit from a deep cleaning. Hire a professional cleaning service to scrub walls, steam-clean carpets, and wipe down every surface in the home. This provides a sparkling backdrop for any other decorations or furnishings you plan to add when staging the home. In some cases, the cleaning crew can also organize closets and cabinets. This is an important step to remember when staging your home, as potential buyers may want to inspect all the available storage space in the house.

Invest In Area Rugs

A new, beautiful area rug in each room can create a focal point while also defining the space in your home. Add an oversized area rug to your living room seating area to create a cozy feel, and use rugs in the bedrooms to add a more plush feel to the space. Opt for solid-color rugs or those with simple, understated patterns to prevent rooms from looking too busy or cluttered. As an added bonus, these rugs can be used in your new home to help make it beautiful as well.

Replace Dated Lighting Fixtures

Adding new lighting fixtures to your home can create a new look instantly. You can replace table lamps on your own, and you can have an electrician professionally install wall-mounted sconces and ceiling-mounted fixtures. Consider a modern chandelier for the foyer and dining room, and add wall sconces down long hallways to illuminate the area.

Style Tables And Beds

One way to give your house a model home look is to style the tables and beds. Head to your local home goods store, and invest in throw pillows and blankets for each bed. Arrange them to create a plush look for each bedroom, and consider placing a breakfast tray with a newspaper and vase filled with flowers in the master bedroom. In the dining room and kitchen, use new tablecloths or runners and place mats to dress up the tables, and purchase solid-color dishware to set each place setting. You can also add a bowl of fresh fruit, wine glasses, and flowers to each table to complete the styling.

If you aren't sure how to style and decorate your home for showings and open houses, consider hiring an interior design service. This service can handle all of the details for you so you can focus on other important aspects of selling your home.