Are You Decorating Your High Rise Condo?

Are you lucky enough to live on some of the best property in your city? Perhaps you have been on the waiting list to move into a condo that overlooks the city, or maybe you have an excellent realtor that knew exactly which property you would fall in love with. For whatever reason you ended up in a high rise condo, you more than likely want to decorate it in an amazing way. From doing some research to working with a high rise condo interior designer, here are some ideas that might help you to create a place that is both attractive and very livable.

Research Decorating Magazines - Before you even shop for furniture and accessories, think about looking through many home decorator magazines. Think of selecting those that feature high-end properties, as you may get ideas that are unique. For instance, you might see a room that has mixed antiques with more contemporary furniture. If you like that picture, cut it out and save it so that you can show it to your interior designer. Think outside the box, too. For example, a chandelier that you see featured in a dining room might be exactly the one you want in your the kitchen that you have decided to decorate in an elegant way. Look at outdoor furniture, too. If your condo has a patio as part of the floor plan, you might choose patio furniture that you saw in a magazine picture. 

Meet With An Interior Designer - If you feel confident about doing the decorating of your condo by yourself, go for it. However, when you consider that you'll more than likely be spending some big bucks, you might be better served by working with somebody who is trained and who has experience in decorating homes. Perhaps the furniture store you like best will give you names of interior designers that specialize in condo interior designing. If you did search magazines and if you saved pictures you liked, be sure to show the interior designer the pictures, as this will give him or her the look you are wanting. Even though you might have a specific idea on certain aspects of the design, a trained interior designer will more than likely help you to polish your ideas to make them even better. Discuss the look you want, whether it is a classic look or a more contemporary one. Your interior designer will more than likely be able to help you pick out furniture and accessories that will be perfect for your condo.