Improve Your Restaurant’s Decor

When people go out to eat at a restaurant, they aren't there solely for the food. People go out to eat for the whole experience. They want to be treated to a great evening in a beautiful environment. Your restaurant's interior design can enhance or detract from your customers' experience. Here are four ways you can improve your restaurant's decor: 1. Pay attention to your interior lighting. Lighting has the power to set the tone in any situation. Read More 

The Most Common Design Mistakes With Trade Show Displays

Are you designing a new trade show display? Trade show displays need to capture and captivate within just a few minutes. Most people will be walking right past your booth, and you need to find a way to draw them in. With that in mind, here are a few of the design mistakes that you need to avoid. Getting the Size of Your Booth Wrong To start, your booth needs to be the right size. Read More